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This looks to be based on the Jetta. Although I am not sure. It is just about 3 inches shorter than the VW, and seems to be a hatchback.
No matter what, I think it does look better than our Jetta. A classic look yet a bit more original than the VW.  Even inside.
And Skodas are cheaper than VWs…

Engines include a 1.6 Liter diesel and a 1.8 Liter with 180hp.

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  1. Actually this is based on the MQB platform of the Golf Mk. VII, whereas the Jetta is underpinned by Golf Mk. VI mechanics.

  2. VW styling is boring, but "Skoda styling" seems to be becoming an oxymoron.
    Anyway, these cars are just meant to be nondescript workhorses. In many parts of continental Europe they are among the most popular models for taxis.

  3. Another VW product. I will never buy another, from working for Bentley, and dealing with VW stupid electrical issues, to dealing with my car shutting off while driving repeatedly, I could care less how the car looks its all still GARBAGE VW product

  4. It looks a lot like a B6 (2003-2006) Audi A4. Which I think was one of the best looking A4s ever. But compared with the competition today, it may not be aggressive looking enough.

    And Salvatore, I've owned several VW products. I've never once had one shut off. Besides headlamp bulbs, which are ridiculously difficult to replace, I have never had any reason to complain. There seems to be a very vocal segment of people who "worked for VW""have a friend with a VW"" had a VW in the 80s" and will never buy another. And I've come to the conclusion that those people are either exaggerating, lying, or they're just too dumb to be driving a vehicle.

  5. In the past 48 hours I have heard stories from friends. gti caught fire, car shut off on the highway. List keeps going. From what I understand with VW products it is a hit or miss. I've driven every car from a 16k VW Jetta pos, to current ferraris, never had this happen. It seems maybe the issue is that your not smart enough to realize what your car is doing? Or these cars are just the nicest thing you'll ever own so you wipe it down with a diaper every night.

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