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 There it is, the hatchback version of the 3 series sedan.
Those of us who were hoping something much nicer looking than the lumpy 5 series GT will still be disappointed.
The car, at least on this picture, still seems too heavy in the back. And what is going on with the 3rd side widow design?
How many lines does it take to go to the D pillar?

It seems that BMW has a really hard time designing a hatchback.

This is how it’s done: The Audi A5 Sportback.
Just like its big brother, the A7, it looks clean, modern and classy.
This is what the new 3 series GT will go against in Europe.

I never really understood why they don’t sell this here in the US. The larger and more expensive A7 seems to be everywhere where I live. I am sure this would work even better….

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  1. Mazda had a 5door mazda 6 626, way back and it was a better execution than this. BMW has lost all its appeal and shine. Now they are a me too company. The audi is better looking.

  2. You really can't compare the gt to the Audi hatchback. Looks wise this gt is better looking then the 5 though still not as great looking as even the A5 hatch, it is more of a minivan type.

  3. YIKES!

    This is only marginally better than the Automotive Abomination that is the 5GT, and the profile has more than a passing resemblance to the Honda Crosstour aka One of he Ugliest Vehicles Existent.

    BMW Has Truly Lost Its Way.

  4. I rented A5 sportback last year and really enjoyed it. Wished they would bring it over here. It looks better imo than the big A7 especially back is sleeker. Plus lot cheaper.

  5. makes you miss the bangle butt, doesnt it.

    …I've been missing Bangle since the minute the styling changed. The 3/5/7 all look too much alike right now. And the A7 is DEFINITELY MILES ahead of BMW's GT models. I'm not saying the GT's are a hideous abomination (aka Crosstour); just that they lack any of the high-style of the A7. In spite of all that, I still bought a BMW. Because, in spite of their fall from high-style; they still remain the ULTIMATE DRIVING Machine. (Of course it's not the ONLY Brand of car I own–and if Bangle were back–it still would be).

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