BMW 4 series

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Not sure if this is the real thing or not yet. But it sure matches recent pictures we have seen of the prototypes driving around.
They are now saying the 4 series (In a “fake” concept form) will be shown to the public next month at the Detroit auto show.
As you can see here, the new 4 is just a coupe version of the 3 series sedan. It will get the same interior as well.
I guess calling it a 4 will allow them to charger even more… 

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  1. All these 'leaks' and nonsensical 'speculation' is so pointless as everyone already knows that the 'newish' 3-Series two door (ne 4-Series) is going to be nothing more than the old 3-Series two-door (roof-line and sides) with the 'newish' 3-Series sedan's 'eye booger laden' front end and 5-Series tail lights slapped on the back.

    Same Old Boring Looking BMW.

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