How about a few more 2014/C7 Corvette guesses…

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These kind of match what we’ve seen of the rear design.
With the more rectangular shapes etc…

No matter what it ends up looking like, it seems they are not really after a new demographic…

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  1. The more that's 'revealed' of this C7… The more I'm really liking it.

    Looks very modern and aggressive without being cartoonish.

  2. The red pic seems like an homage to late 60's Maserati and Pantera. Like someone else said before, it looks like this car is trying to be all things to all people. I am pretty happy overall how this came out.

  3. Agree, looking to keep the faithful with this one. It really isn't bad looking though, the back is pretty cool, the front still somewhat obnoxious

  4. amazing….

    vettes are revered in both europe and asia; amazing that the domestic market can't seem to recognize its significance.

  5. Amazingly the domestic market recognize the vette is for tasteless jackasses but at least the price is amazingly low for amazing amount of power, amazingly enough.

  6. "vettes are revered in both europe and asia"

    Maybe in China but not Japan. And perhaps eastern Europe. In more developed countries, they see the vette for what it is. Shoddy and tacky.

  7. they see the vette for what it is. Shoddy and tacky.

    Yea, that's why they willingly pay huge import taxes on top of $80,000US just to own one–when a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, or Premium Toyota or Honda or Nissan would be tens of thousands of dollars less.

    They see it for what it is alright–a more distinctive alternative to Ferrari, Masarati, Porsche or Lotus.

  8. @ January 2, 2013 9:38 PM

    Guy, I travel for a living in Western Europe and Japan. Europeans and Japanese, unless they are American car fans, do NOT like the Corvette at all. The ones who do pay the premium are the ones that already own another American vehicle. I've only been to China and Korea twice, and I didn't see a single Vette on my trips there.

    It is not revered in Europe, where there are far more superior alternatives.

  9. you dont see them much oversees due to the triple tariffs commanded by most foriegn governments (taxes for american-made luxury goods). the one time i saw one in korea (in kangnam no less), the whole darn city block came to a complete stop in awe of it.

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