Mercedes CLA

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Looks like they just can’t wait to show us the car. Yet…. We still have fake spy shots of it.
Weird. Kind of like an official tease.

This is pretty much the sedan version of the new A class.
It will be smaller than the C class, but might not be cheaper. Like the CLS being more expensive than the E Class.
AWD will be an option (as seen in these snow pix), and there are also talks of a 355hp for the AMG version.
We’ll see the whole thing really soon.
A busy year for Mercedes with an all new S Class and C class coming up as well.

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  1. The more of this 'vehicle' that's revealed, the more it appears that the design elements of the CLS simply don't translate very well to this smaller platform.

    The brutally blunt front end coupled with the excessively slabbed sides and over-styled rear just looks cartoonish and clumsy at this point.

  2. I think this is going to be a big seller if priced correctly this will take allot of VW cc buyers away.
    I think the style is great, hopefully not too many lines on the small car, such as was done to the slk which looks too small

  3. It seems like each time we see this car closer to production the less attractive it is getting. The original was so much better looking. I guess that is what you get when the bean counters have the final say.

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