New Sub-CRV Honda coming soon.

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Honda will be showing a concept version of their all new small Crossover next month at the Detroit Show.
It will be based on the all new Fit, coming next year.
The Fit will be available here as a sedan version as well as the 5 door hatchback we have had for the past years.
No huge news since there have always been a sedan based on the Fit for other markets.
It was just weird they never sold it over here.

Here are some of the cars based on the current Fit, and not sold in the US.
The Airwave wagon, the Fit Aria sedan, and the Freed.

So get ready for plenty of Fits in the US starting next year as Honda is planning to sell over 200 000 units a year of the various versions in our country.

Looks like the Fit will be what the Civic used to be…

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  1. The REAL 2014 Honda Civic.

    All this up sizing is just so the largest car can still be called Accord. For shame. Honda doesn't have an "Avalon" but sure needs one to keep the rest of the lineup….in line.

  2. sub-CRV? I thought the CRV was already as bad as a vehicle could possibly be: ugly inside, ugly outside/ MPG a bit worse that most micro cuvs; uncomfortable seats, bumply, noisy, & did I say UGLY? But from these photos looks like I was wrong, it IS possible to make a worse vehicle–three, of them in fact!

  3. I can't get over how much the Airwave resembles the first-generation Odyssey.. and with the way the later models upsized, it's probably nearly the same size!

  4. How many segments of crossovers does the world need? Why must these be built instead of coupes, fastbacks, wagons, and better sedans?

    And I hate the CR-V as much as any car guy, but they're right up the average American woman's alley. That thing is here to stay.

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