2013 Nissan Sentra test drive

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I must say, this is quite a different experience than the Jetta Hybrid I just returned…

So far, hard seats, numb steering and a rough/noisy engine aren’t something I am looking forward to drive for the next week.
Maybe things will get better….

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  1. Is Nissan really even building this for developed markets? It seems like something for the third world.

  2. The big question is what does the Sentra offer that you can't get in the similarly-sized but cheaper Versa? In keeping Versa, Sentra was supposed to be repositioned as a premium compact, but from what Vince is telling us so far it doesn't sound like they got that part right.

  3. but but but I thought that the new Sentra was king of this class, and a truly "great piece of kit".

    Can't wait for your salesman to arrive and proclaim how Nissan is the worlds greatest brand.

  4. I haven't taken it for a test drive, but I honestly can say this is one of the most comfortable compacts I've sat in…ever. No huge console to get in the way. It just felt like it fit like a glove in comparison to all the others I sat it at the auto show in Miami. I was expecting to get blown away by the Dart and came up shorthanded, so this was nice surprise.

    Too bad that engine is so weak.

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