2014 Infiniti Q50

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This is the all new replacement for the G37 sedan.
It does look like a small M, which isn’t a bad thing. And the interior seems inspired by the FX, which is great.
The front end seems a little on the blunt side though…

No word about engines yet. There are rumors of a new smaller Turbo as the base offering.

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  1. Interesting stylistic 'details'… and fairly nice looking evolution of the G-Series sedan, but those lower-front air inlets are just horrible!

  2. I like almost all of it except the front hood. It looks smashed down. The grill could have been integrated a little better as well.

  3. When you can look at a car and say to your self, "Not absolutely horrible" you know it's not great.
    I dislike most of the design of the exterior. Too
    Many bubbly surfaces to be taken serious. I do on the other hand love the interior

  4. It looks good sans the mouth. From this angle the grille looks kind of overblown. I hope in person it looks more like the M's front. The profile though reminds me of the current model with a bunch of lines. The biggest improvement is the rear.

  5. it looks better than the current one, but for the nose. it looks tortured.
    whatever happened to minimalist sculpting and perfect lines?? messy.

  6. Unfortunately the Japanese are late in jumping on the bandwagon of a big grille, a trend Audi started several years ago. And in doing so, the have come up with these monstrous "me too" designs that are awkward and ugly. This one looks as bad as the Lexus IS.

  7. I like the overall design. But I agree with the other comments about the grille. Infiniti and Lexus are not doing a very good job with their versions of the tremendously huge grille. It's like they're looking at the 300C, Audi and Bentley and saying "I'll take your widemouth grille, and I'll raise you…"

    But unlike the IS, this Q50 is a better, more effortless interpretation of a sports sedan.

  8. Love the wood on the doors & consoul; wish there were more on the dash. Exterior looks good, better than most (except Cadillac). Only downfall is the Lexus grill, and that only because it reminds one of Lexus's "old-fart" anemic performance, sloppiness. and typical customer.

  9. To everyone complaining about the front end, thank the new pedestrian crash test/safety standards. They are ruining many vehicles.

    I think it looks pretty good personally. It is an improvement over the current model.

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