2014 Lexus CT Hybrid

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This should be their last model to be updated with the new front grille.
And on this one, it kind of works. Like I think it does on the RX.

Not sure about other improvements inside or out.

I see a lot of these around, and they always look pretty nice.

(Thanks to a reader for the pic)

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  1. nice for a $14k econocar. Pretty crappy for what they charge though. There are certainly better choices (in fact MOST other choices are MUCH better in the sub $25k range).

    Don't believe me? DRIVE ONE!

  2. My friend just traded his for an Audi Q5 hybrid.. and the difference in power, space utilization and interior quality is like night and day. Granted, the Audi is at least 10 grand more.. but feels worth it. The Lexus clearly does not.

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