2014 Lexus IS

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Seems like we shouldn’t expect too much with the new IS.
Basically a mostly similar design to the current version, with the new front end and the huge grill.
And inside a similar set up to the new GS. But smaller.
I still like the current design quite a bit. And I am not sure the new one will be a real improvement.
Plus, the manual transmission is now gone forever.

Maybe the upcoming coupe will resemble last years good looking concept a bit more…

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  1. Vince, the vehicle has been significantly improved. It is all new, just the powertrains are carrying over.

    Have you not read any of the early reviews from the big publications???? Do you live under a rock???

  2. YAWN.

    The Corolla of Lexus. They are changing these less and less with each generation.

    I should create my own luxury division, create one design in multiple sizes and call my cars: Sausage 1, Sausage 2, Sausage 3, Sausage 4, and Sausage 5. My CUV/SUVS will be called Sausage 4X1, Sausage 4X2, Sausage 4X3, and Sausage 4X4.


    – FusioptimaSX

  3. I never expect much from Toyota/Lexus–and STILL I'm constantly DISSAPPOINTED! But mabey if I drove hondas & chevy's instead of BMW's & Dodges I'd be more impressed.

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