2014 Mercedes CLA Class

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Without the horrible black wheels and the AMG wannabe option, the CLA looks great.
What a stylish little sedan.
-Basically a trunk added version of the Euro A Class, with a similar interior.
And it works!

What we know so far:
-On sale in the US September 2013. As the CLA 250
-AWD optional spring 2014
-2.0 Liter Turbo engine with 208hp.
-Most aerodynamic production car with a Cd of 0.23
-182.3 Inches long.
-7 speed dual clutch Automatic.

This all sounds good (Except no manual)
And should be cheaper than the C Class.

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  1. These CLS styling elements just do not work well on this smaller platform… Looks like some kind of cartoon version of the CLS – Almost Painfully Goofy.

  2. Great looking and in great color. Biggest downside, the interior. I am sure it is nice, but, those round vents just don't say upscale to me anymore. Especially when they stick out so much.

  3. I like it. It looks a lot more balanced than the ATS (which looks like a squeezed CTS).

    Give it some decent road manners and a manual and it could steal some sales from the 1 series and A3 replacement.

  4. They lost the "Coupe" profile entirely. Now looks just like the Hyunday Optima from 5 years ago. Not a good look for any car.

  5. This looks AMAZING for such a small vehicle, and that interior is stunning.

    That aero drag is something to brag about too, .23?!?! That's better than almost everything on the road. Insane.

  6. This is the same length as the new BMW 328. If they spec it right (seems that way) and price is lower than the 3, this could be one hot seller. I also love the fact the shifter is on the steering wheel! Gives you much more storage space where it normally would be… why aren't more companies doing this? Who really needs an automatic shifter? Get paddles on the wheel or get a 6 speed…

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