2014 Nissan X-Trail/Rogue?

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The X-Trail is a compact Nisan SUV that has never been sold in the US.
And, as you can see, an all new one is on its way. 
The X trail is more of a real off roader than the Rogue sold here. 
But there were some rumors that the X Trail Qashqai (The Rogue’s Euro Cousin) would merge into one for the next generation. Which means this could be our next Rogue as well…

 This is last year’s Hi-Cross concept. Which looks almost exactly like the patent designs for the new X-Trail posted above. So despite what Nissan was saying, this wasn’t a “pure concept”.

They also were calling the Hi-cross a Crossover, NOT an SUV. Which also means it could be a replacement for the Rogue.

As a new Rogue, I must say this would look just fine.
And could do really well against the CRV and all new RAV4 in the US.

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  1. Looks good for what it's going to be. But I must say I'm not feeling the direction of Nissan as a whole, between the overall ugly new design language, the new Pathfinder abandoning its truck roots, and Infiniti going with Q names across the board. The Z and GT-R are the only bright spots. Maybe it's time for its corporate husband Renault to enter this market.

  2. The designs look very much like a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander. The concept looks like a modern version of it.

  3. I actually really like it! I'll probably be looking to buy a CUV for my next vehicle in a few years and this has to be the most masculine design that I've seen from any manufacturer. Much better looking than the Rouge. Also, the prospect of some off road capability is a bonus.

  4. WHY? A GENUINE JEEP Compass (or PATRIOT) is $17k-$25k; 20MPG, TRAIL-RATED, with flawless SAFETY Test Results. And looks a LOT Better (even in slime green).

    I think this if for the impulse buyer who happens to have his last car break down at the NISSAN dealer and just wants a different car RIGHT NOW.

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