2014 Toyota Corolla

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I know, this is not much…
Still, a first look a the next Corolla’s interior. Nothing surprising, of course.

More soon.

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  1. cheap Yaris steering wheel and dash looks like a throwback to the 1980's Toyota's. This is going to land with a thud. Not up to the competition.

  2. We've been told for years that Toyota is going to become a more interesting brand. That, similar to Lincoln, we've been told to "just wait."

    Bullshit. Everything they sell sucks. It's always terrible.

    If they aren't going to build anything interesting, then Toyota should really stop bullshitting us. As bad as it all is, the shit sells anyway. So who are we to say they should change?

    As for this corolla interior. Sucks.

  3. @ January 8, 2013 3:07 AM

    People said the same thing about the Camry, but it is still the best selling car in America. Sold 404,000 copies in 2012.

    @ January 8, 2013 6:35 AM

    The new Sentra isn't going to "kill" anything. Its gotten mediocre reviews already.

  4. The old Matrix/Vibe/Corolla/Prism/Nova was a joint Toyota-GM venture when GM was run by car guys and Toyota had a great rep for quality. Today Toyota's quality is sub-par and GM is run by a bunch of Obama-appointed bean counters (definitely NOT car guys). So any collaboration between today's sloppier Toyota and Government Motors is bound to produce a brood of partial abortions. If they GAVE me one I would sooner sell it than be caught dead in one!

  5. Such Toyota hatred…
    I owned a '03 Corolla and it wasn't a bad car, except for some cheap/rough interior plastics and a poor suspension system that caused wheel hop on canyon roads (I drove it in L.A. primarily). Lots of room, comfortable seats, 30 mpg overall, and absolutely reliable.

    I think Corolla has remained one of the few tasteful, conservative designs in this class. I hope Toyota is willing to invest the funds to make the new car ride better and get better mileage. Hopefully they'll use their excellent 6-speed auto transmission and offer a station wagon version as well.

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