2014 VW Golf/Jetta Wagon

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This is the wagon version of the all new Golf presented late last year in Europe.
The Jetta Wagon we have in the US is basically the wagon version of the previous Golf.
Now that the Golf and Jetta are very different cars, I wonder what they will call it in the US.

Will they call it what it is: a Golf Wagon. Or will they still try to cash in on the “more popular in the US” Jetta name.
No matter what they call it, it is good to see a compact wagon over here.
The TDI is great and will be joined by a hybrid version as well.

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  1. Wow! Looks great. I drive a 328i wagon, which is a perfect size for me. Hear the new version won't be available with a manual though. Would be amazing to see this in GTI form with a stick.

  2. I'm pretty sure this will still be sold as a Jetta in the US.. although it is all-new and doesn't share any sheetmetal with our NCS Jetta sedan, let's face it.. it looks similar enough that the typical buyer won't be able to tell the difference. The big question.. will it be built on the NCS wheelbase or the shorter Golf one?

  3. January 25, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    The new 328 with it's "auto-stick" is light-years ahead of ANY VW (auto-or-manual)in handling alone. And the new Beamer gets up to 36MPG.
    And it's FAST!!!!
    Comparing a Jetta to a 328 is like comparing a horse & buggy to a Ferrari!

  4. Oh please! The new BMW is for people who want to waste money on a status symbol. There are plenty of cars that are much better than a BMW for less money and they will probably be in the shop a lot less!

  5. January 28, 2013 at 3:41 PM

    2 years ago I would have agreed. but then I got a BMW. They aren't much to look at, but the handling is… AMAZING!. hit the crusie button 3x's and 60MPH-75MPH INSTANTLY–wihtout overshooting to 76! 0-100 in no time flat and 36MPG. REPAIRS? they're all FREE! Free synthetic oil change, free brakes, free wiper blades … and if it takes more than 1 hour you get a FREE BMW LOANER (I've always gotten brand new loaners; not a 8-year-old junk loaner either!) With 100,000mile warranty and free maintanance a BMW is cheaper to own than a Honda, Toyota, Dodge, etc! DON''T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRIED IT–you just sound ignorant to those of us who know better.

  6. After year three, you better get rid of that BMW (and the Jetta)…the maintenance costs are absolutely insane.

  7. Nothing is free. They rape you at the sale, then feel guilty and give ya free lube and rubbers after the fact.

  8. Unlike VW, Toyota and Honda–who keep on raping you at every service stop, every set of tires, wiper blades, every light bulb, new battery every 3 years, air filters, oil changes–every 6000 miles (not every 26000 like a BMW). Not to mention the time they waste– YOUR time with all those service stops. Let alone the vast differences in accidenct avoidance and emergency handling. Face it, if you had the money up front, you wouldn't be settling for a nickel-and-dime-me-to-death VW. Penny-wise and Dollar Dumb. I've been there many times–never again!

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