Cadillac ELR

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They did a remarkable job at keeping it as close as the concept.
This looks pretty stunning. Not sure yet if this is a hatchback or not, as it should be.
But the 2 rear seats do fold flat.
And, just like in the Volt, I don’t see a sunroof….

More on this very soon.

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  1. Looks great! Looks less bulky and more sporty than the CTS coupe from these pictures.

    Curious to see the EV range…

  2. This thing is beautiful. Cadillac is building cars with real emotion again. I'm excited to drive this one.

  3. Thank God it does not look like the CTS coupe with that big, humongous, ugly rear(I guess the designers did not finish it because the taco truck came by…) But, seriously, what is the point of this car? The Volt is only for short trips. A review I read recently concluded that for long trips of 500 miles roundtrip in a day, it returns 33MPG.

  4. But, seriously, what is the point of this car?

    A little something for ppl interested Teslas, Fiskers, and Lexus hybrids?

  5. Cadillac's Everybody Loves Raymond. Nice, but for $60K estimated base price, I think it won't find many buyers.

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