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I usually do not post often about crazy concepts that are just teasing us.
But this. .. Well, I do like it a lot.
I think it is quite a nice design, and a nice surprise from Honda. The front end is especially original. Something I haven’t seen in quite a while.

And I do think this, or something close to it, would make a great Fit.
Which is due for a redesign really soon.

So let’s hope this is a little preview of things to come…

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  1. Other then the color and the front end, I'm not sure why I looked real quick and said "That's one ugly Dodge" then realized it was. Honda and thought "Aww it's cute"

  2. I agree with your interpretation. It does look original and well designed. I like this type of car but most turn out cheap looking and underpowered. Hopefully that will not be the case here. Maybe they're going more for a fiat 500 than a Chevy spark.

  3. I really like this. Very different. It also proves that unique designs don't have to be ugly. Something that I wasn't sure Honda understood.

  4. Front is a nice modern interpretation of the Chevy Vegas of the eearly 1970's (rectangular ridge over the single headllights; lowered hood edge inbetween. Very nostalgic.

  5. Looks like a tiny Buick Rendesvous and the failed Pontiac Aztek….Im certain Honda's competitors are hoping this is their future design directive.

  6. i haven't liked a Honda concept as much as this in years. not perfect, but nicely done. Hoping it previews details from the new Fit.

  7. I can tell all of those who posted are too young to realize that this is the Original Honda Civic re-incarnated. Just look at the grill/lights and the upturn at the base of the rear side windows about time!

  8. Nice clean, simple design update of original Civic. Not bad, but nothing to get to excited over. Compared to the current Honda/Acura design language, I guess it is an improvement, but the NSX design is still their best.

  9. Clearly an evolution of the N-One retro styling theme in front.. except instead of a 1969 N360, it is an interpretation of the 1973 Civic, which will likely make its way on to the next Fit. Wonder if the next Civic concept will have a front end evocative of the '76 Accord?

  10. Looks good but I doubt they will ever produce this. the Gear is a design study, is not based on any other Honda platfrom, and does not preview the next generation Fit.

  11. I can tell all of those who posted are too young to realize that this is the Original Honda Civic re-incarnated.

    That or they don't study car designs of the past.

    it is an interpretation of the 1973 Civic

    More to the point, the Coupe (Z600)…the Civic didn't exist until '74.

  12. I would love honda doing a smaller car than the nice Fit. Something we could have here in Brazil. Something that could compete against GM Onix, Hyundai HB20, Fiat Palio and VW Gol… I draw this Gear Concept with 5 doors and it became really awesome!

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