Kia Pro Cee’d GT

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The coupe version of the Euro Cee’d is getting a GTI fighter.

And it looks quite nice. Looking more like a cross between a GTI and a Scirocco.

Not sure of the specs yet, but you can bet it will be more powerful than the GTI. Although, as they say, power isn’t everything.
Still, a good sign.
As usual, this is not due in the US…

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  1. Really Vince…?

    There's an extremely good chance that you'll be eating your words when Kia announces this as the next Forte Koup for the US market.

  2. Like most KIA & Hyundais these days, looks good from a distance. Went to drive & buy an Optima because I felt it was the best-looking in it's class. But up close, the fit & finish is embarassing. And the price–comparabley equipped–is no longer a bargan. In fact I felt most the Kia's were overpriced for the level of quality, handeling, economy, and size. Bought a Dart instead. (the new Dodge Dart that shares underpinnings with the Alfa Romeo costing 4x's as much).

  3. It won't, read the other day that it's getting the 1,6T engine and will deliver 204 HP. The Euro GTI had 211 HP and the new one will maybe have more, but since the weight is down compared to the last generation there might not be a HP bump.

  4. Are we going to be bringing up greenhouse copying? Ok. Lets do it. 2014 Impala, Audi A6, 2013 Altima, 2013 Avalon, 2013 Infinti M, 2013 Nissan Sentra, but only the Azera would be the copycat because it's Korean. Also how funny the 2014 Impala Eco Sport got away from copying Kia's signature grille.

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