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This is what the Escape based small Lincoln SUV could look like.
And it might be pretty close to the production model.
Just like last year’s MKZ concept was really close to the real thing we saw a few months later.

Besides the concept seats, the interior also seems really close to production. With a dash very similar to the MKZ.

It all looks very nice. The main problem is that Lincoln is not on the radar. Most people looking for that sort of thing will never set foot into a Lincoln dealership.

I sat in the MKZ at the auto show last month and wasn’t very impressed.
The opening glass roof is a great idea, but its execution looks really unrefined.

And a loaded model costs almost $50 000!
The interior is fine, but not really better than a loaded Fusion. And certainly not as nice as the similarly priced Audi A6.

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  1. Vince, the MKZ competes with the Lexus ES. It only tops out at 50k because of all the tech available with it, but it along with the ES start at around 36k. There are niceties found on the MKZ at a lower price point you cannot find on an entry level A6, E-class, 5 series, or GS, or on its competitors, the ES, S6, TL, and Regal.

    Lincoln has acknowledged that in order to compete with the 5-series, E-class, and A6, it will need an extended version of the upcoming Mustang platform to underpin the new Lincolns.

    I think a good many of Ford fans would love to drop cash on a lincoln, we just have never had a reason until now with the upcoming MKZ, and MKC. Hopefully the MKT will be updated to be more sport-like the like Infiniti JX, and Mercedes GL, Ford's soft-roading LR4 of a people-mover.

    That said, I think this will compete very well with the BMW X3, Audi Q3/Q5, and Mercedes GLK. I hope they shrink the Navigator to the size of the Range ROver and move it upmarket. It's still a valuable nameplate, just not as a an ugly behemoth of a dinosaur that doesn't have great handling, a nuisance to park, terrible fuel economy, with more space then people will ever need. Hopefully they can continue this design on with the Lincoln MKX.

  2. Really good looking inside and out. Lincoln does have an image problem. A couple of good looking performing vehicles and people might change their minds.

  3. It looks like it was designed to compete with the RR Evoque.

    It's built on the same platform, so it's a fair fight. I wonder which one will have worse residuals.

  4. By the looks of the concept IF they keep it close to
    The concept they will have a great looking SUV. I have seen a few Lincoln Mkzs on the road besides for a few chintzy looking details (Mostly reflective plastic on tail lights) I actually like the car.

  5. I like it. It's in Lincoln's new styling vein and everything looks great. Luxury makers have got to do something to stand out from mainstream cars. Whether it's styling, features or warranty. I wouldn't be surprised if nearly all of the features on this MKC you could get at some price on the Escape on which it is based. For probably ten grand less.

  6. "It all looks very nice. The main problem is that Lincoln is not on the radar."

    Good products are all that matters. Hopefully Lincoln has learned this after, oh say, forty years of offering mostly junk. I'm skeptical. But this does look really good.

  7. Oddly enough, the Mercedes GLK has a more "Americanized LUX" interior than this. Get some wood in the cabin Lincoln, because thats the ONLY reason this All-American Guy bought a wood-laden Mercedes in lieu of a Lincoln LAST time!!! AND the reason I Bought an Enclave instead of an Explorer Ltd.

  8. "Get some wood in the cabin Lincoln, because thats the ONLY reason this All-American Guy bought a wood-laden Mercedes in lieu of a Lincoln LAST time!!!"

    So you're someone who likes "lots of wood" ay? Just "gimme some wood."

    Jokes aside, the "wood" in an Enclave is as fake as a three dollar bill. So you know. In the mind of a real luxury car buyer, faux woodgrain or plastichrome is worse than just using authentic materials, or another material altogether.

  9. January 13, 2013 3:03 PM

    Just so YOU know, I AM a REAL luxury car buyer, and I'll take a good fake over a poorly done "real thing" any day. Not a big fan of piano black real wood for instance. And to my eye, the FAKE wood in a Chrysler 300c looks just as good (albeit different) as the REAL matt wood in the Chrysler 300c LUX (which is strikingly similar to the (optional) matt real wood in the new E-Class. And the black-stained REAL wood in a Mercedes looks just as crappy as the plastic wood in a Denali (and the stuff in the Enclave puts them BOTH to shame!) My last new car had Bamboo on the dash–do you consider that to be REAL or just a wood IMITATOR?

  10. Although many people didn't like Infiniti renaming, I at least find infiniti naming easier to remember than Lincolns letters only style.

  11. Vince, I think this looks REALLY damn good and I agree with you. This might as well be the production version once you take away some of the typical show car elements like the huge wheels, mirrors, seats, etc.

    @ January 13, 2013 at 12:11 AM

    If I could upvote you I would. It isn't often you find someone who knows what they are talking about.

    @ January 13, 2013 at 5:11 PM

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Please just stop talking.

    " I'll take a good fake over a poorly done "real thing" any day. "

    Point proven. That is ignorance.

  12. Point proven. That is ignorance.
    January 14, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    No, thats years of being in Art Shows with my works; coupled with a level of financial success that few ever know. And a few dashes of Automotive Obsessiveness thrown in for good measure.

    It's all in the eye of the beholder. (I don't partake in the ignorant "snob appeal" of "Real -vs- Fake") I just call 'em as I SEE em!

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