More pictures of the all new Infiniti Q50

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Now looking even better. This version seems to have a less aggressive front end.

I predict this will be quite popular…

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  1. It is just me or are the Infiniti and Lexus gaping-fish-mouth grills too similar too each other? To me they look like they could be from the same family of cars.

  2. Tough to stand apart and still look good in this size range, but I think they've done it! All it needs now is some upscale wood on the dash.

  3. The front isn't as well done at the back. The back is very "mazda" which is a very good thing. Front just a tad to curvaceous, and they should calm down on the grill a bit. I will probably replace my current G37 with this Y50, wait, R50, no Q40……..

  4. A touch of Mazda? How about a huge dose of Hyundai Sonata! The rear styling of the Sonata and this "Q50" are nearly exact in design and execution. And the dash in the current Sonata and in this "Q50" are dead-ringers. Oh, and I just don't get the reason for going with the name change from "G" to Q50. Dumb.

  5. If Infiniti really wanted to give a subtle nod to their heritage, they could have named their new models after the last Nissan brand to be phased out.. such as Q510, Q610, Q710, Q810..

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