More pix of the new Corvette

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A manual!  Most exotics don’t even offer that anymore…

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  1. Not just a 'manual', but a 7-Speeed Manual!

    This new Stingray is better than just World Class… It may well be Top of the Class!

  2. They just have to go back to the styling drawing board. It looks dated and tired and its "new". This will bring no new buyer to the fold.

  3. The first corvette since C4 that doesn't look stupid!

    7-speed with all that torque is laughable. You will end up using 3 of those 7 gears in real world. 2-4-7

  4. I have to admit… I am not a fan of the Corvette. The styling on the 1954 Corvette was truly a classic clean design. The new Corvette is stunning. The roofline is perfect. This car says class.

  5. The interior finaly looks world class to me, hopefully they have improved on the exterior panel tolerances as well this time.

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