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 The white car is of course the new one.
I’ve always liked the current model. And comparing both, I still like it much better. I just saw a couple again today, and it is still a very nice looking car. Much more tasteful than the 2014 model.

 Same thing inside, where the current IS still looks really good.
A much simpler interior than the blocky mess of the 2014 model.

The white car is the “F-Sport” version of the new model. So a “regular” IS might look a bit better.
We’ll see….

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  1. looks like the result of a Chinese knockoff. Hell I think the Chinese would've made a better looking car! Lexus is trying too hard to reinvent themselves….I bet their "signature grill" is gone within 3 years.

  2. I agree, I think it looks fantastic, the segment needs something new, the 3 series update looks very very nice, the C-class update should be good too, Infiniti's Q50 will wear a unique face, the more you stand out & be recognized as such, the better you'll do. The grill, especially the relationship it has to the bumper with those slits on both sides is really really cool, I love the headlamps, and the thinning of the front bumper with aggressive elements above (the LED streak below the headlamps), and below it(the lower fascia intake) thins up the front end & de-bloats the overall presence of the car.

    Little intimate touches on the lower side profile, the side mirrors & the rear bumper really make for a very special product. Very nice Lexus! Thank you for not being generic, & developing a unique look for your products that will weather time well. I can't wait for them to build an SL competitor based on these design cues.

  3. The cup holders in this car, much like the ones in the CT, are pretty much useless. They're placed too far back and are too deep, so unless you're buying a tall cup of coffee good luck digging it out.

  4. Is Chris Bangle now working for Lexus because everything, including the horrific dashboards across the entire line stinks of 2002 BMW 7 Series.

  5. Toyota must hire retarded brats in their design departments. Only a retarded jackass would think this looks OK.

  6. I must say that I really like the aggressive profile.. looks like a logical progression from the original IS300, not the overly soft and rounded greenhouse and long front overhang of the current IS250/350. Now if only they'd bring back the SportCross..

  7. Horrible. And I thought this was supposed to be the year of the auto designer. I honestly want to know who Lexus thinks they are wooing with this new design language. Every time I see one in traffic, I think it is Kia or other econobox. Note to Lexus designers: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Ease up on the design elements wouldya!!

  8. I actually like the new IS…I guess I was expecting to be completely disappointed. The side profile is a kickback to the first gen IS. I appreciate that. The rear is what the GS SHOULD have looked like, instead of pulling off a Sonata.

  9. I like the current model, except for terrible rear space and so so driving dynamics. The new one is edgy and the lower overhangs make it look more aggressive, but I cannot avoid thinking WTF happened here?

  10. From the side it still has the posture of a Corolla. (as opposed to the long hood/short deck profile of a 3-series). But if you really want sporty; you'll demand seat-of-your-pants performance. And Toy/Lex just has never been close. (Drive a BMW to get a taste of performance perfection). And if you bought this because it was cheap (1/3 the price of a Bimmer; and about the same as a Stratus R/T) then you'll be happy with the low price–at least untill resale time. Just don't push it to the limit–its a good way to get yourself killed!

  11. @ January 10, 2013 7:17 AM

    Vince, how can you let an offensive comment through like that?

    Come on man, be more professional please.

  12. I just threw up…. and I don't have the flu.

    ToyoLexus good grief, you wouldn't know style if it hit you square across the forehead.

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