New Chrysler design language coming up.

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They claim the all new 2014 Chrysler 200 will feature Chrysler’s new design direction.
One that has nothing to do with current models.

Above is a pic of the 2009 200C Concept. Still a good looking sedan. Something Chrysler should have had years ago in the showrooms.
Is this it? The new design language?
Or is it the wild looking 700C Minivan Concept from last year?

What do you think? What does a new Chrysler need to look like?

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  1. Go Ameropean (since these cars must fit as Lancias also). It can look like whatever, as long it's durable, reliable, powerful, and doesn't guzzle gas.

  2. I was thinking last weekend that the 200 is the best looking Chrysler product by far (excluding the Fiat 500), and that they should release a similar-looking version of the Dart.

    I could really go for a Dart that wasn't styled by a teenager (especially on the inside). Any chance Chrysler would let you order a manual 1.4T with leather? Dodge won't, but that's because they still believe that the only reason people get a manual is that they can't afford the automatic. I guess that was true of their pre-Fiat product line.

    Let's hope the new 200 isn't a tacky over-designed mess.

  3. I've owned 6 Chrysler minivans and been VERY happy with all of them (all went over 135,000 and a couple over 200,000 with no problems–only traded because they'ld been hit a few times or just started looking rough with numerous dings, scratches, etc; I often take them to construction sites and places where there are dirt or gravel roads). But I must say, I'm not a fan of this latest minivan prototype. It's not as disconbobulated as the currently atrocious Oddessy–but it's not as slick as the current Town & Country either. Have to see the interior before I cast my vote.

  4. That 200 concept is a nice looking car, but I doubt it previews a new design language for Chrysler. Hopefully, Chicago, or New York will have new concept that previews the next 200 styling direction.

  5. My dads 02 Voyager suffered rusting from the INSIDE out and just looks awful like its 30 years old.. good thing he is getting something new.

  6. The front end is too predictable. Too closely resembles todays model. Materials need upgrading. Real chrome (no fake) on the exterior and better quality leather on the inside. It should also handle better and set itself apart from the current crop of contenders.

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