Renault Captur

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Looking really nice and modern. Almost concept like from some angles. It is small, and looks like it is based on the Clio.
This tiny Crossover segment just got 3 new entries in Europe in just the last few months. With the Opel Mokka (Our Buick Encore) the Peugeot 2008 and now this.

Could it be related to the next Nissan Juke as well?

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  1. Nissan and Renault and Infiniti and Mercedes are all on a roll… yes, watch out for those companies

  2. I guess, the Capture is based the same platform as the Clio IV, since it is its sister-model. This platform is a newer version of the same platform the Juke is based on.

    Since I am interested in buying the new Clio, I did a little some research and was a little disappointed to read that the new Dacia Sandero (a Romanian budget car which is quite popular in Europe) is also based on this platform. Which means: drum brakes at the rear. Isn't that a little aged for such a modern looking car?

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