VW CrossBlue Concept

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At least they followed a them: No curves.
Everything seems to be so straight, so strict.
I guess it worked for the US Passat.

Again, this is pretty much the production model due out later this year.

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  1. the interior os nice enough, but the exterior, another disappointing VW US design. almost completely generic. this is what VW thinks the States wants, i guess…

  2. Jeep Cherokee is Mercedes so it makes sense. VW wants sales volume and not wanting to satisfy the emotive infantile internet brats. Stupid looking just doesn't sell anymore. VW is now successful because they realize this.

  3. First the Passat now this- witness the continued frumpification (and watering down) of the US market for VW.

  4. If u cover emblem its 100% Jeep, a copy. If this was a chinese company, all would cry foul and say its a copy, really Vince, do a side by side with a jeep….Wow, shocking!

  5. LOL Pathfinder isn't even a Pathfinder anymore. It's a rehashed Murano with a third row. Nissan is a joke anymore.

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