VW Jetta Hybrid test drive coming up…

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I am getting a brand new Jetta Hybrid for a week.
Which should be really interesting, as I have driven a few versions before.
It is rated at 42/48MPG city and highway. Which sounds pretty amazing.
The TDI version I test drove earlier got 31MPG in the city, but over 50 on the highway.
So we will see if the Hybrid is worth the extra cash. (about $2000 more than the TDI)

One sure seems pretty sure, it should be a lot more fun to drive than the Prius…

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  1. Vince,

    Most recent VWs I've driven have very annoying brake and throttle. They're very aggressive when you first touch them, but there's nothing after that. I guess they do that to make the cars seem powerful on the test drive.

    Can you tell me if it's still an issue?

  2. I am sure it will drive much better than a Prius to the dealership for constant repairs. That's what VW ownership is all about.

  3. VW product is the most mundane, simply styled product. It's weak and one would imagine that is exactly how a competitor would style their cars for them….so that they would not sell. Interiors are way below VW product of 5 years ago, and I am sorry to say, VW have faltered the way Toyota did when de-contenting their cars.

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