10 years ago: Chevrolet SS Concept

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This is what Chevrolet teased us with 10 years ago. Same idea as the new 2013 SS. A sort of 4 door Corvette.
Except this concept was really good looking. Still is now. And it’s been 10 years.

10 years later we have this. A design that basically came out in Australia in 2006.
It still looks at least 10 years older than the 2003 concept….

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  1. I like the proportion of the production version. But the details of the concept. The hoodline of the concept is way too stretched for a nimble performance car.

  2. That front end is an absolute mess. I've never seen something that looks so ugly and so bland at the same time that wasn't a Toyota.

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. I agree with you, Vince. The exterior design of the Chevy SS looks dated and very conservative. It's a shame – something powerful like this car deserves some style. The new Impala has been praised, but this SS just looks disappointing. (I personally liked the Pontiac G8 styling, with those hood scoops.)

  4. How can Chevy launch two powerful and powerfully stylish new cars like the Corvette and the new Impala… and then send the new Malibu back for an early face lift… then drop a turd in the punch bowl like this?

  5. Should have stuck with 4 simple round tail lights having LED+fibre optic rings like on the prototype. Should have done that for ALL Chevy products. It would have solidified the Brand Name, making it simutaiously more distinctive AND more recognizeable. Missed opportunity.

  6. that concept was a total rip off of the rx8 at the time and the production version of the rx8 still looks way more futuristic than anything gm has done in the past 20 years.

  7. You did see many elements of the concept…in the styling of the 2006 Impala. The real issue is why are there all these separate cars in the same segment? For some reason the Caprice gets sent here as a police-only car. For some reason the Impala had to be a front-drive Epsi-stub II. For some reason tied to those reasons, a car that may as well have been badge-engineered immediately after Pontiac died comes to us five years later to make the same mistake as the GTO by imposing Australia's idea of when a car is "all-new, all-different " (c) X-Men on America where that doesn't fly so easily. I appreciate this revival and contiuation of the gone-too-soon G8, and these three cars CAN coexist (tis market used to be like that once upon a time), and Chevy freaks are hungrier for rear-drive V-8 cars than any Anonymous troll after this comment thinks. But these cars should be one. A Zeta with the new Impala's body, the SS's front clip, powertrain, and chassis tuning on the Caprice's wheelbase should be that one car. That would move both Chevy and Holden forward.

  8. I love RWD V8 cars but could not agree with you more on this one, Vince. The powertrain and chassis on this car are great, but the styling looks like a worked over Malibu. And you'd think they would have learned by now. They had the same problem with the Pontiac GTO and the G8. When will GM learn that no one want to eat filet mignon off the sidewalk?!

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