2013 Holden Commodore

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Basically the same car as before. Like I mentioned earlier. Mostly a new front, rear and new interior.
It is still a nice looking car.
The problem is that GM wants to sell this as the Chevrolet SS. We already have the similar sized FWD Impala coming out soon. Battling with the Avalon crowd.
So I am not sure what is the market for this. Against the Charger V8? Do they sell that many of these?

Again, this is pretty much the same car as the Pontiac G8 from a few years ago. 

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  1. They say they want to position it as a 4-door Corvette. So they are not expecting to sell lots of it. It should not be a mass market sedan like they wanted the G8 to be.

  2. So… it's essentially just a front and rear restyle. :-/

    As nice as the former 'Pontiac G8' was, a much more extensive re-design would have be much better as this will largely be written off as little more than a re-badging of the Pontiac G8 when it goes on sale as the Chevy SS this fall.

  3. It will be interesting to see what they do to try to make it look different.. I'm pretty certain those taillights will be reshaped to mimic the Corvette, and wouldn't be surprised if the front gets a heavy dose of Camaro. The thing that kills it for me is the greenhouse.. way too tall and rounded to fit in with the sharp, creased Chevy sporty cars. A flatter, lower roof would have gone a long way to differentiate it from the G8 of a few years ago.

  4. I think that the tailights look very Buick-ish, so are they planning to make this (with some slight modification) into a Buick either in China or in the U.S.?

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