2014 BMW 3-series GT.

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Just a few more pictures of the new 3-series hatchback. Engine choices should be the same as the sedan.
The GT will be priced above the regular sedan.

And, unlike the A5 Sportback, it is coming over here in just a few months.

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  1. Is this one of those that look good in photos and awkward on the streets? Because the 5 series GT is an abomination.

  2. I highly recommend you test drive one before crossing it off your list. I looked at photos of the 5GT and the dealer didn't have one, so I bought a 5-series sedan. Great car…but… A friend later bought a 5GT. It drives as well as a 5 sedan, is MUCH more comfortable (back seat is better than ANYTHING Audi, Cad, Merc or Lincoln) And still handles like, well, like only a BMW can. So if I'd just taken a test drive I would have gladly spend the extra $10 grand for the 5GT! Oh well, their's always next year. (So don't make my mistake with the 3GT)! DRIVE IT FIRST–THEN Decide!

  3. 550iGT: consumers guide:
    Not as sporty as we would expect from a BMW. The GT's bulky size and top-heavy nature preclude any feel of agility. The steering is nothing special, either. BMW's Brake Energy Regeneration System compromises smooth braking. Lifting off the throttle at low-to-moderate speeds, and there is a marked "drag" on the powertrain, which causes the vehicle to lurch, rather than smoothly coast.

  4. 550iGT: consumers guide:
    Not as sporty as we would expect from a BMW

    1) Kinda like saying, "sure he won the gold medal; but not the miricle we would expect from a guy who (looks like) Jesus."

    2) Consumer's Guide??? Great advice on washers and baking pans–but on Sports Cars??? Did they ever get it up over 55MPH?

    3) Want the truth? Get behind the wheel YOURSELF. I did. Still smiling. Smiling ever since.

  5. Edmunds on BMW 550iGT…..

    . Taken closer to its limits, though, the taller ride height and additional weight contribute to more pronounced body roll than a 5 or 7 Series sedan, although advanced suspension components and electronic aids compensate enough to please most drivers.

    You must be most drivers……

  6. February 10, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    I actually OWN a 5 Series sedan. Do YOU??? Unlike the kids at Edmunds or Consumers, I drive that SEDAN EVERY DAY. In Snow. In 110 deg heat. At 55MPH. At 150MPH (rarely, but more often then the people you are quoting).

    I would trade up to a 550iGT in a heartbeat. I speak from EXPERIENCE–not heresay.

  7. I would trade up to a 550iGT in a heartbeat. I speak from EXPERIENCE–not heresay….

    You are obsessed with the GT because it is not selling where you ….work. And, if you drove the GT, you spent much less time than they did at Edmunds or Consumer 's Guide. Why don't you "trade up" to an M3 or a 6 series? Let me guess, you are"speaking from experience." You probably drive a 10 year old Saturn.

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