2014 BMW 5 series

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The usual “hard to tell changes” from BMW.
I guess they have to offer something “new” to advertise once in a while.
Since everyone else is doing it…

 This is the current model. As you can see, most changes outside are lights and bumpers.

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  1. Zzzzzz… Same old 'same sausage' different size design nonsense like ALL the other German auto makers, and this new'ish' lower front end doesn't do anything to change how absolutely tired/boring this vehicle truly looks.

  2. Minuscule nonsense to make people feel the need to upgrade, and to make people returning leases feel that it's "Newer"

  3. From this angle I honestly can't tell if there's any actual difference in the headlight area. As for the bumper, they simply grafted the bmw 3 series modern line design over the existing bumper, nothing new there too

  4. so what, way off base, way to similar, no can do. Imagine if you have had two in a row, you will jump to a competitor. people need change and want their cars to look new.

  5. I'm not a "hater or wantabe"; In fact I'm a "Have". But I must admit that BMW Design has been REALLY LAME since Chris Bangle left. I love the way my BMW handles, but REALLY DISAPOINTED at the exterior's lackluster styling. Thank God the interior is still one of the best in the Lux Market, with LOTS of wood AND stainless/dullchrome accents. But for cars in the $50k- $150k price range they ought to be more unique–or at LEAST more beautiful (on the exterior) Like Jag, Cad, and the new Lincoln MKZ. BMW is way too stogy on the outside for such an athletic core. Kinda like a conservative version of the latest Hyundai.

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