2014 Chevrolet SS

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At least it does look like it. It also looks a lot like a Pontiac G8.
Which is basically what it is. An updated version of the G8 sold as a Chevrolet.

I wish they did that with the Solstice instead….

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  1. So it really is just a rebadged Pontiac G8 aka Holden.

    Oh Well… The G8 was a pretty nice (performing) car and with the updated interior it might do well as long as it's priced right (note: around 35k for a top model).

  2. This is based on the all new Holden Commodore. They just made the overall shape look the same. Although at first glance it may appear to be the G8 from 2009, it's not the same (with just different head/tail lights).

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