2014 Holden Commodore SSV

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The SSV is apparently the one we will get over here as the Chevrolet SS. That “4 door Corvette GM is promising us…
This is really not my thing. A giant V8 in a boring suit with black wheels.
And it is still not much more than a slightly updated Pontiac G8 from years ago.
I still don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against good old fun from a V8. I had a great week test driving the Camaro SS a while ago.
But this looks so boring….

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  1. It looks conservative in a good way to me. Almost teutonic.

    So many recent designs sweep their belt-lines up so there's no visibility and cover the car in unnecessary creases. The results are usually hideous to me. I'd walk past a row of recent Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW designs to get acquainted with this thing.

  2. Ok… The more I'm seeing this, the more I'm really starting to like it.

    Sure the styling looks to be little more than a Pontiac G8/last generation Holden Commodore with newish front and rear caps, but it's still a very muscular/handsome design… One that looks far more elegant than most German mid-sized cars e.g. BMW 5-Seies, Mercedes E-Class et al.

  3. I'm liking it a lot. I think the front could be a little bit more aggressive, but other than that, it's excellent.

  4. Love sleepers. Just not fond if the huge fender vent thing or the VW-ish tail lights. That's all minor. Just hope it has a nice manual transmission available..

  5. Looks 7 or 8 years old, like it is ready for a refresh or a completely new skin. Dated in all respects including having an 8 in it.

  6. Funny how the Kia K9 got accused of copying BMW's greenhouse yet the Chevy can get away from copying it too since it's Korean. I'm jtz I'll get cars from A to Z.

  7. February 14, 2013 at 11:30 AM
    I agree with you COMLETELY

    It's not just incognito, it's teutonic.

    (And I drive the latest from BMW — for now.)

  8. Its a GM product, which means I certainly won't buy it.

    Its a shame that Ford won't bring over the Falcon.

  9. Who cares what it looks like Vince, as long as it drives well. cars are not just about styling and that's all you apparently care about. In my opinion you are not a real gear head. still love your blog though, been following for years.

  10. Should be the replacement for the Impala, not the XL-sized Malibu thing they have slotted for the roll. There are a couple styling issues (low-rent tail-lights/front grill on the SS) that could have easily been changed for the NA market to make it a premium sedan line worthy of the storied Impala name. If they'd done that, maybe this product line would have a future beyond 2017….

  11. This car exists for only one reason and that is to certify it and Chevy for NASCAR. Chevy doesn't really care how contemporary it looks in the marketplace because those who purchased Monte Carlos will buy these as well, solely because it makes them feel like they're race car drivers at Daytona.

  12. I love the looks…interior especially is a huge upgrade from the G8. One thing that would prevent me from buying this: the MPG probably sucks. I actually wish they'd bring out a 6-cylinder version.

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