2014 Toyota Corolla

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Finally a new Corolla.
And from this pictures, it will look just fine.

The current model is still one of the best selling cars. So this should be doing really well.

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  1. It's swooshy and boxy at the same time.. guess Corolla is ushering in Toyota's new "SWOXY" design language! THe greenhouse looks a little too close to the Lexus IS, in my opinion.

  2. It pales in comparison to the Furia Concept that debuted in Detroit in January. This is nothing more that a reworked front end with new taillights.

  3. Dull and no more exciting than a Chevy Cruze. It will be a top seller and I will be seeing these everywhere. Shoot me now.

  4. same roof as the Lexus IS (kinda like the Olds/Pontiac/Chevys of the 1980's all using the same roof–except they all looked pretty good–unlike the IS/Corolla. But it's cheap transportation. So Toyota takes a few shortcuts on the Corolla just like Chevy used to on the (1970's-80's) Bel Air. So what. If you can afford a decent car — and you CARE what you're driving, you're never at the Toyota Dealer anyway!

  5. It does not look better than Focus, Elantra Dart, or new Forte. Hell even the new Civic looks better. This looks like a girly ride.

  6. Generic. Even the tail lamps are a five year old design. Incandescent bulbs in a car launching in 2014?

    This will just be another POS corolla that drives 45 in the fast lane on the interstate.

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