2014 Volvo XC60

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Not much changes. I had to dig out a pic of the current one (Silver) to see the differences.
I guess mostly a new front, bumper grille etc…

At least they didn’t ruin it. It has always looked ver nice to me.

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  1. Volvo is not Volvo anymore. It's a Chinese owned company that's been given a lifeline by using Ford supplied platforms. I used to root for them. Not anymore.

  2. I won't buy Chinese untill there quality and safety glitches get ironed out. And they're a L O N G way from that!

  3. This is a Volvo, a real Volvo made in Sweden.

    …except that every one bought helps to subsidise the CHINESE GOVERNMENT. And helps subsidise the most polluting, ecologically destructive socialist government on the planet. And add to the coffers of China's Oppressive Comunist Party. You think the poor saps making these have any pride left? Think they'll ever get a retirement? Think they really care how many consumers get killed in one due to shoddy workmanship and imitation parts?
    VOLVO is dead. This is just it's depraved demented ghost.

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