2014 VW Golf GTD

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The GTD is the diesel version  of the GTI. So far, it has not been sold in the US.
But this all new version, based on the 7th generation Golf, (due out in the US next year), might make it over here.
There has been rumors about VW bringing the GTD as well as the redesigned GTI to the US.

The engine is still a 2.0 Liter Diesel. But now with 184HP.
So it’s basically a 45MPG GTI, with more torque.

In Europe at least, it will be only available in Black, Red or White.

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  1. Just three colors and one cheap, depressing interior.
    I know VW want us to buy the A3 instead of the cheaper GTI, but this is ridiculous.
    They lost my sale this year with their half-assed GTI, and I'm sure this evolution will turn-off a lot of customers who want a fun car for their money.

  2. The only way I would drive a VW is if someone bought it for me and agreed to pay the inevitable several thousands of dollars worth of work it'll need once the warranty is up. Oh, and they would need to buy me another, non VW car to drive while my VW spends months in the shop.

    VW's may seem like nice cars at first, but they are complete junk! Stay far, far away.

  3. Exactly. VWs are very deceiving. They are great for the first couple of months you own them, but after the weirdness starts to happen. You start noticing rattles, loose things, electrical stuff, too much oil consumption, etc.

  4. Congratulations to the 2 GTI owners above. You are statistical anomalies as VWs have some of the worst documented reliability in the auto industry.

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