2014/15 Mazda 3

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Looks like once again, the Mazda 3 will be the top choice as a compact hatchback when the new design comes out. So far Mazda has never failed to deliver a good looking and great driving car in that segment.

The picture taken in the street does match the one I published a few months ago (above).
So the final car could pretty much look like this. Which is great.

I just hope they move away from their current boring dash design trend seen on the new 6 and CX-5.

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  1. Very nice! Looks like Mazda has another winner on their hands. Can't wait to see the new 3 in person. Hopefully Mazda continues to build a MazdaSpeed version.

  2. I have not looked at Mazda for a long time. Underpowered, even today, and with boring designs, despite good driving dynamics. However the new design language is attractive starting with the 6 and now the 3.

  3. Hatchbacks are always an abomination. Having said that, I think this is as good as hatchbacks get (unless you consider the A7 & 5GT to be hatchbacks–I see those more as fastbacks though–hatchbacks are short & fat).

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