2015 Ford Edge leaks (?)

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This is what was on a internal Ford PDF presentation. As part of a “Global line-up” page. Everything was normal except the Edge picture. Which apparently was showing the next version due for the 2015 model year.
It does look pretty real to me. And seems to be in line with the more recent designs from Ford.

 This is the page after the “leak”. It was corrected to show the current model.
I am not sure this “leak” was an accident. Sure the document has been rectified. But only after the picture has been all over the internet. I don’t think Ford makes that kind of mistake.

 From the same “almost 80 pages long” document, we see that 3 more models will be based on the Fusion/Mondeo platform.
One of them being the 2015 Edge mentioned above.

And 2 more.
 Could a Lincoln version be one of them? Why don’t they mention the new MKZ?
A new FWD Coupe?

Your guess is as good as mine….

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  1. Lincoln isnt mentioned here because this was a Ford brand only slide (Lincoln was at the end of the 80+ pages) So the 3 covered models are most likely the Edge, S-Max and Galaxie…?

  2. Other two models are definitely the S-MAX & Galaxy… anyone getting Honda CR-V vibes from the Edge image?

  3. No one is going to bring up the grille copying the Sante Fe's grille or Highlander's huh? If the Sante Fe got redesiged after the Ford, it's grille would be accused of copying. Just like how the 2013 Chevy Impala Eco-Sport's grille got away from copying Kia's signature grille. I'm jtz I'll get cars from A to Z.

  4. Why on earth are some people annoyed by carmakers copying? Does it really matter at the end of the da? Whatever is designed today will be irrelevant and old in 4 years? Or is it about driving the one with the original grille? Look at BM; they have had the same grille forever, whereas Honda is changing grilles like shirts.

  5. February 15, 2013 at 5:13 AM

    As to who's ccopying who; who cares? A good design is good design. Why do you think the hexagon grill of Ford & Hyundai so closely resemble Ford's medium-duty trucks from the mid-1980's (which also had "wide-hexigon" grills)?

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