2015 Mazda 6 coupe

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This is just an illustration, but word has it Mazda is seriously considering a coupe version of the all new 6 sedan.
Which would be very nice.
It would compete here mainly with the Accord coupe, and the Altima coupe. If Nissan chooses to revive it with the new generation.

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  1. Toyota is also considering a coupe version of the Prius which would be a strong competitor for all of them considering gas prices.

  2. Make is AWD, try to keep the weight down slightly compared to the sedan and you def have an attractive car.

  3. Oh. My. God.

    Vince, where did this come from?!!?!?

    That is absolutely gorgeous. I mean insanely gorgeous.

  4. Looks far better than anything else at the (expected) price point. Too bad their dealer lineup is so weak in the US.

  5. the real thing won't look remotely like this. The portion of this illustration is distinctively RWD whereas the mazda6 is FWD.

  6. February 6, 2013 at 2:55 AM

    The Prius is NOT in this class. It's in the class with the VW Beetle and the Fiesta and the Aveo(the cheap ugly anti-car class)

  7. Yes, the design of this concept is definitely RWD.. but who's to say this isn't built on the RX-8 chassis? Would rather have seen Mazda evolve the RX-8 into an MX-8 (with regular pushrod engine) instead of killing it completely.

  8. Yeah, I have to agree that no matter how hot this concept looks, a production version of a 6 coupe would have completely different proportions. I could actually see this more as a next gen RX-7.

  9. Yes a great concept, but the real thing will most likely be too diluted. Mazda, don't forget to bring back the RX-7 too.

  10. I could even live with front-drive if it was powerful. But the disturbing movements in the D-segment lately (e.g. eliminating 5+ cylinder engines) leave me cold.

  11. I pray to god Mazda brings almost this exact body design out without watering it down. As good as the Mazda 6 sedan and CX-5 look, their concept versions were even more stunning. Unfortunately they lost almost all of their chrome accents and had their toned down their stylized tail lights and tail pipes. It's too bad. They should at least offer the full set of chrome highlights on the top of the line trim levels. That would at least close most of the gap between the final concept version and what ultimately hit the market.

  12. May I ask what the hell do a Prius have to with this car? If your going to campare this Toyota at least pick a car in its class. You totally went off the chart. Publisher: Introducing the new 2015 Land Rover. It has a more sleek design, more torque and horse power. Its 6 speed tip tronic AWD with dual exhaust. Then here you come. Toyota is also considering making a new Rav4 that will have AWD which would be a strong competitor for all of them who are soccer moms.

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