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The Teana has basically been the big Nissan for other countries than the US. Where they do not have the Maxima. So until now, it has been based on the Maxima.

 But as you can see here, it looks like the next one will just be a rebadged Altima. Not a redesigned Maxima. (Altima at the bottom)

Both cars now have the same interior as well. (Altima is the beige one).
Which is kind of weird since the Teana was always based on the Maxima, not the Altima.

Could this mean there will be no Maxima after the current model?
Or is the next one too sporty and coupe like to become the luxury oriented car the Teana needs to be?

I haven’t heard anything about a “next” Maxima so far…..So maybe this means the end of the road for the Maxima.

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  1. Amazing what a tinted windows can do for a car's overall appearance, though I still find both the front a rear of the newest Altima/Teana to be rather unattractive.

  2. Nissan will probably kill the Maxima, but they shouldn't. They screwed up the last couple generations by simply making them overpriced Altimas in a different body. They need to differentiate the Maxima by at least offering it with (1) a true sports sedan suspension, (2) a manual transmission option, and (3) a proper non CVT automatic, 6 to 8 speed.

    They sell 4000 or so Maximas per month, but could do way better with these minor changes.

  3. Nissan is really cutting back. The development cost for this rehash-Altima will be almost zero. If they were going to do this I wonder why they wouldn't just use the current Maxima for the traditionally large Teana? Makes me think that the Maxima just might be going away. (I was looking at Maximas a few weeks ago and a fully loaded one was over $43K! I wouldn't pay $30K for one!) It will be interesting to see if some of the changes seen here on the Teana will make it to our Altima.

    Note to Nissan: The staraight on view of the rear looks like the Altima has been rear-ended..the bottom line of the taillamps slopes upward. FIX IT!

    We use Altimas and Versas as company cars and the quality issues we've had with these cars is amazing. In a '10 Altima with less than 80K miles we had trouble with: Alternator, master brake cylinder and occupant detection sensor for the passenger's seat. In an '11 Versa (with less than 100K) the evaporator was leaking on the carpet and had to go in the shop a few times to get it fixed. In my opinion, Nissan quality has dropped significantly from what it was in the 90's.

  4. moore said…
    Nissan quality has dropped significantly from what it was in the 90's.

    Yes, reliability has suffered after they moved production to our shores. I have been driving Nissans for quite sometime with relatively speaking minimum issues, but, after they switched, I moved up to Infiniti. When they start building them here I will quit looking at them too. The new Mazda 6 production is moving back to Japan.

  5. "The development cost for this rehash-Altima will be almost zero"
    –just like the latest Camry, Corolla, Accord & Civic.

    "quality issues we've had with these cars is amazing"
    –again, just like the latest from Honda & Toyota (just read some of the lawsuits) Interrestingly though, others seem to have quality that gets better every week; Hyunday is much better in recent years (still a way to go thought) and Ford & Chrysler have several models at the top of the reliability ratings (the Chrysler 200 & JGC for example)

    As for Teena/Altima's styling; I like it. Sure the greenhouse is identical to Passat, Impala, Avalon, Dart, Verano and other 6-window designs; but still not a bad look. And the fenders are nicely sculpted without being overdone.

  6. The Teana is sold here is Australia as the Maxima. We are getting the new Altima here and they will no longer be selling the Maxima (Teana).

  7. @ February 9, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    I'll echo everything that this person just said. There is no reason to buy a Maxima anymore. They are SEVERELY overpriced. They start at $33K and it doesn't even have NAV or leather, cloth seats in a $33K Nissan just shouldn't happen.

    That being said, I think the Maxima should top out at $36-37k AT MOST and start at ~$28K.

  8. Looks like the end of the road for the Maxima. The top of the line Altima should just be Called "Altima Maxima."

    There is no other purpose when one can get a G/Q50 for the same coin.

    – FusioptimaSX

  9. Actually Autoblog reported last year that Nissan is working on a new Maxima, it is the best selling import v6 sedan and Nissan stated that that fact alone made a solid business case for the Maxima to continue. I rented one recently and came away dissapointed in the features/value for the money area for 33k this car makes no sense to exist as cars costing half it's price offers more style and tech features than the Max, let's hope Nissan gets it and make a legit 4dsc that can justify its price.

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