Buick Regal GS test drive coming up…

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My test car is equipped with the 20 inch wheels and the 6 speed manual.
I will be driving it for a week so feel free to ask anything about it.

So far: this is how direct injection should be done!
The German made 270hp 2.0 L Turbo direct injected engine has none of the diesel sound and feel of the VW engine.
It is quiet, super smooth. All the time.

This is basically a German sport sedan made in Canada.
So far so good.

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  1. Came close to buying one, but chose not to. Why?

    1) Engine is not really willing (reluctant to rev).
    2) Interior quality had numerous cheap-outs and poor fits.
    3) Questionable sales = questionable resale.
    4) Mileage sub-par, and
    5) For barely a bit more I'm in an ATS or G37, and the Buick dealers don't have room to deal on these.

    Loved the GS button (noticeably enhances the performance), the seats and ride quality were good, and it was fun enough, but they've priced it in a range where the competition is as good or better. Without a better MSRP or cash on the hood, why select a GS that offers nothing much more than the others? Sad thing is if you buy the Regal GS, you'll always need to answer "why" because there is no obvious advantage or anything special. You don't need to answer that with the alternatives.

  2. So far I agree. A very nice car, but quite expensive at about $38 000. And yes, it always needs explanations.
    "What is it? A Buick" etc…
    And the new ATS doesn't help…

  3. Nope, I wouldn't even consider one. Neither does anyone else for that matter, even for the regular Regal which has been a sales flop.

    For the price, like the person above said, you can get FAR better options for around the same amount of money or a bit more. I'd MUCH rather have a G37, S60, or a Genesis for the same amount of money.

    If you are dead set on a GM product (which is stupid anyway) the ATS is a far superior vehicle as well.

  4. The ATS is at least $10,000 +++ more than a comparably equiped Regal GS. So no, a $38k Regal won't perform like a $48k ATS any more than a $48k Cadillac will perform like a $58k 325xi. You get what you pay for. But I must say, haveing looked at a few of these smaller cars in the $35k-$40k range, the Regal looks really good!

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