Chevrolet Cruze diesel.

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Finally. GM has showed the production version of the Cruze diesel for the US. After teasing us for 2 years…
And they priced it at $25 695. Which includes a 6 speed auto and leather interior.
It is slightly more powerful than the Jetta diesel gets similar MPG ratings.
Although in my experience with the Jetta, I always get over 50MPG instead of the official 42 HWY.

The Jetta TDI is cheaper at $23 055. But it has 16 inch wheels (17 on the Chevrolet) and no leather interior. And Automatic is an option. So things are very similar.

But, to me, the main competition is the fantastic Jetta Hybrid.
Which starts at $25 000 with Auto.

It is very fast, quiet and refined. And offers a true German car driving experience.
Plus, I got 42 in the city and 50 in the highway. Better numbers than the diesel.
On top of it, it uses regular gas, which over here, is much cheaper than diesel, and available everywhere.

As long as diesel costs so much more than gas, and isn’t as available, it will still have limited appeal in the US.

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  1. GM: We're always late to the party. Great idea but VW has been in the diesel game in the US for over 30 years! Now they decide to play and VW has already upped their game to turbo hybrids. GM will never be in tune with what is really happening in the market!

  2. Actually Jetta requires premium but still cheaper than this.

    Doesn't seem to add up to pay extra for about same cost in fuel (given diesel fuel premium).

  3. I wish this were offered with a 6 speed manual for about a grand less. It would be a good deal at that price. When I lived in Europe I had a diesel manual and love the drive.but hated the poor Audi/VW quality issues. To get the same fun in something likely more reliable would be great.

    Till they offer what I want, they wont get my money – not for this, anyway. They may get it for the ATS 2.0 manual, performance or lux editions. Haven't decided yet.

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