Honda Civic Wagon coming soon.

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 In Europe that is. Where the Civic has its own hatchback design. We won’t be getting this wagon over here.
In Europe it will be competing with a crowded segment which includes wagon versions of the Cruze and the Focus.

As a reminder, her is what the “regular” Civic looks like in Europe. No sedan or coupe.

Since they’ve been selling the Euro Accord as the Acura TSX here for years. I always wondered why the Euro Civic wasn’t a sportier entry level Acura in the US…

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  1. We need this here.I more than likely would have bought one. I had the 2007 Si Sedan, but really needed a hatch. Dumped the Sedan and got 5-door GTI. Love it! Honda lost me. If this was what was to become the Acrua ILX (instead of the lame sedan), I'd prob still be in a Honda product.

  2. The "Americanization" of our line of Civics boggles me. What market would they be competing with if Honda Introduced a Civic wagon? I am sad that Honda has gotten away from "keep it simple" with the Civic. Now you have to purchase the Si to get a sunroof and a manual. And what about a 5 door hatch? My 91 Civic was amazing how much it carried. It's time to bring a wagon or 5-hatch to the U.S. market.

  3. As a 04 TSX owner I agree, this should have been the ILX here. The ILX is a joke as far as price, and the kicker is it's dressed up US Civic which costs more than the current TSX on the dealers lot.

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