Lamborghini Coupe Concept

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Lamborghini will present a concept version off their new coupe at the upcoming Geneva auto show.
From this illustration, it doesn’t look like anything crazy or futuristic.
But rather classy.

A refreshing idea in a world where Ferraris look more and more vulgar with each new design.

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  1. Looks like an Italian Camaro.

    *On a side note, please get rid of the blurry address in the captcha. The word is challenging enough to see.

  2. This look like it could easily be a Toyota, Honda, Kia, or Skoda.

    Very little about the design evokes Lambo to me or otherwise stikes me as special.

  3. They said the Estoque sedan wasn't commercially viable.. but a coupe version would be? I'd actually like to see them build both.

  4. Yes Lambo, build the coupe and sedan variant of the Estoque and let Porsche build a 2 door Panamera and call it the 928 like they have been hinting at for quite some time now.

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