New Pic of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala

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Looking really nice on this picture, I must say…

Even though this segment is now pretty full with other really good looking cars. Like the new Avalon and Hyundai Azera.

Let’s hope the Impala has something different to offer.
Not sure it can be cheaper than the Azera, or get better mileage than the 40MPG Avalon Hybrid.
( Even though the “pseudo hybrid iAssist version is months away. It only gets about  24/36 MPG in its Lacrosse cousin)

Still. A much better looking car than the redesigned Malibu…

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  1. I saw this new Imp' at NAIAS and I must say it drew a little crowd, nothing that I would buy (TSX driver) but nonetheless, it will inspire a following among the hip hop crowd.

  2. Looks great! Makes the Altima look silly. But why isnt the Malibu as sharp looking as this? Ooops Chevy. Are we gonna get a coupe called the Monte Carlo from this??

  3. This looks really nice. No crazy styling, but very smart and purposeful. The Avalon is an ugly lump, even though that will be the Impala's main competitor. The biggest obstacle for the Impala will be the badge on the front.

  4. Saw this up close at the Miami Auto Show last November it looked very upscale and well put together.

    Very impressive. This will be a hit for Chevy!

  5. Sorry, but the new Avalon is not that good-looking. It's inoffensive, but not in-your-face attractive.

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