Nissan prototypes in Beverly Hills

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 Just saw these today. The G37 was unusually low to the ground. Not sure what they were testing there. Maybe a mule for the upcoming coupe?

The X Trail has never been sold in the US. And I hear the next one might be merging with the Rogue.
So again, not really sure what this is…

Any ideas?

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  1. The XTrail was sold in Canada and was a success. The presidentat that time of nissan in Canada , Bradshaw now works in US. Heres the story, i believe this will replace the Xterra as a smaller diesel suv. A small Nissan Range Rover if u will.

  2. Vince, where the heck do you see prototypes? Nissan will test prototypes in the streets of LA? Why? And is that gadget on the wheel a lock for illegal parking? Probably the G37 was loaded with all sorts of kilos in the trunk…:)

  3. We had the X-Trail here in Canada up until 2007. Great, rugged vehicle that was good on gas. Then they replaced it with the Rogue. Smaller, and too generic. Hopefully they will bring it back.

  4. Not sure if anybody noticed, but it's nearly March 2013 and Nissan USA is still advertising the 2012 Xterra on their website.. wonder if XTrail will replace it for 2014? As far as the Infiniti goes, pretty much every RWD Infiniti (G, M, EX, FX and the Nissan Z) share that basic platform, so what they're testing is anybody's guess.

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