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 1st this Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept. Which is basically a hatchback version of their new sedan.
A bit raised up like what VW is doing with most of their models in Europe.
The powertrain is more interesting. Although still in concept form.
It is a small 1.2 Liter three-cylinder turbo good for 130hp. With a 50kW electric motor.
They claim it can be driven in pure electric mode at a speed of up to about 75MPH.

Their second “concept” is this wagon version. Called “Estate Concept”.
Basically, a wagon version of the production sedan.

Qoros is just showing that they already have 2 more models waiting to be produced. A good thing to show when you are trying to convince dealers to open a new Qoros showroom.

They are all just fine looking. And the new brand claims they can achieve top scores in the new Euro crash tests.
We’ll see…

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  1. i like the suv cross hybrid. other than the weird grille the rest of the car, particularly the rear looks quite good

  2. This is far closer to how the BMW 5/3 GT should have looked. (relatively) Clean, contemporary, and well-proportioned as opposed to (BMW's) dowdy, bloated and awkward.

    Not sure about the performance/quality, but it's not a bad looking crossover/less space-efficient wagon at all.

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