Saab 9-3

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Another picture of what could have been the “next” Saab 9-3.

Not sure if this is some illustration based on the previous pics we have seen or not. But, except the front hood, it does match.
Maybe a slightly different design idea?
Who knows…

It is interesting and quite sad to see models that will never be.
I wonder what was in store for Pontiac, Oldsmobile or even Saturn. I bet there were some interesting designs….

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  1. Why are we still wasting our time on SAABs? It never made any sense as a brand, except for those that craved for attention.

  2. Interesting that you mention Saturn. I always thought their small VUE was a great looking SUV. Kudos to GM for rebranding it as a Chevrolet Captiva. It's only sold as a fleet vehicle. Smart move.

  3. I can't tell if this is the hatch, but if it is…look at the 3 series gt hatch and then this. This car looks a ton better than that 3series gt.

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