2014 Audi A3 sedan

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Shaping up to look like the A3 Concept we saw a while ago. (Pictured in red)
Which is good. And not surprising, really…
This will compete here with the new $29 900 CLA class from Mercedes.

And even with the Buick Verano and Acura ILX. As the Audi should be priced a little under the Mercedes.
The current A3 hatchback starts at around $27 500.

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  1. Mercedes A3 will outsell it hands down. Even if this A4/5 is $5k cheaper. Not enough new here. 3-series and ATS will outperform it and MB will out-class it. I think Audi is running out of fresh ideas. Not that this is bad, just…redundant.

  2. Starting price for the German cars is a joke when compared to the Japanese. By the time you add similar options, you end up paying 15-20% premium. It is like the BMW 328, which starts in the mid $30s and ends up, fully loaded, in the low $50s!!! That is the value of branding brainwashing.

  3. Another eye candy on the road reliable enough for, oh, 40,000 miles and then the electrical start, and the A/C, and the cooling, and….

  4. Same Decade(plus)-Old Design… Slightly Different Size.

    Same Tired Nonsense From Every European Car Company These Days… Zzzzzz

  5. March 13, 2013 at 2:39 PM

    I agree, and disagree.

    The Germans are considerably more expensive than comparably equipped Japanese models. And if you're only chaufferring kids around and cruising to and form work at 55MPH then a Toyota or Chevy is certainly a practical choice. And if you're not a good driver in the first place, buying a BMW makes about as much sense as giving a fighter jet to a bus driver–he'ld be happier with a new Ford Bus instead.
    But (BMW/AUDI/Mercedes) also perform at a level no Japanese vehicle has ever come close too. Having owned many American, German, AND Japanese vehicles; I must admit that NOTHING compares with the agility, precision and "seat-of-your-pants" THRILL of a BMW or AMG Mercedes. Most Audi's aren't quite there, but are still CONSIDERABLY more fun to drive than anything Lexus, Infinity, Acura, etc. that I've ever owned (and been decidedly disappointed with). The Japanese and American cars are very good these days; especially the Cad CTS & ATS, Chrysler 300 & Dodge Viper, and Ford's Tarus SHO & Shelby Mustang. But the only ones close to "BMW Handeling" are the Viper & Shelby. If you haven't driven them all–you can't possibly understand how fast the sublte differences add up to truley make (BMW, for example) the "Ultimate" Driving Machine. Lexus, Acura & Infinity are cheaper for a reason. You really do "get what you pay for".

  6. I think it will make a great chance on the car design. Audi is always changing somethings.

  7. But (BMW/AUDI/Mercedes) also perform at a level no Japanese vehicle has ever come close too…

    You must live in lala land. Obviously the Nissan GT-R will kick your ass in a hurry, and obviously you are a liar. You have owned Japanese, but are disappointed, and for some reason you have also driven the ultra performance German cars. Are you a housewife or the hallucinating bozo that was promoting the 5 series GT a few weeks back?

  8. March 15, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Some people by lots of shoes. Some buy lots of guns. I like cars. I've only read about the GT-R and have never actually seen one on a dealer's lot. Mabey it's the exception. But when I walk onto a Mercedes lot there are always a few AMG's around. And at the BMW dealer, they're ALL exceptional. Mabey GT-R is the exception to the rule about Japanese cars being lame–but the generalization still fits. And for my money, a BMW M or MB AMG is worth every penny.

  9. This will cost a lot more than the new baby Acura, but will undoubtedly drive the ILX's monthly sales down to triple digits.

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