2014 Buick Regal

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I drove the 220 Turbo version soon after the Regal came out. And test drove the GS recently.
And I can say the Regal is one of my favorite sedan .
So I am glad to see that GM didn’t ruin it by changing it too much half way through its current life cycle.
Basically, just grille, lights and bumpers.
And in the GS case, it seems there are even less changes. Also a good thing.

Inside the only difference I can see is on the top of the console, and steering wheels.

Underneath, the “regular” Turbo model gets a new 2.0 Liter engine with 259HP, instead of 220.
AWD is now available on Turbo and GS models.
Strangely enough, the GS now also uses that same engine. Which, for this model, means less HP than last year…

The eAssist is still the base model for the Regal.

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  1. I like it but why does this have to be a Buick??? This would be much better suited to Chevy as the latest Malibu is less than stellar. GM is it's own worst enemy.

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