2014 Cadillac CTS

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Looking really good. And much more upscale. The current one now looks 10 years older than it did last week…

The front end has tons of personality. So they could have pushed the rear design a little more.
It looks so much like the ATS.

Same story inside. It looks great, but hard to say if you are in an ATS, XTS or ELR.

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  1. Everything works pretty well save the far too 'uninspired' rear end design… Those taillights should be nice taunt/razor thin LED slivers and nothing else.

    So much drama/tension in the front coupled with the rear of a 2005 DTS – Why?

  2. The front looks really good. Stunning actually. It's unique without being bizarre, like Lexus. The rear is slightly too conventional. Having the tail lights be taller and more slim could tie it together with the front better.

  3. The rear may be a little conservative, but overall this strikes me as a very attractive car. One for grown-ups!

    I think it would sell quite well here in Australia – it's a shame GM changed its mind a few years ago and cancelled the then imminent launch of the Cadillac brand in this market.

  4. Much nicer than the current model. I give the front and profile an 8, the rear a 6, and interior a 9. overall is an 8 effort and result.

  5. Look at the horrible wood in the cabin. Looks like an old Rivera or even a Monte Carlo from the 70s. When is GM gonna get cabin design right?

  6. '6-Speed'… If you're misguided enough tho equate the very nice design/execution of this interior to those that you mentioned, you're either TROLLING HARD or Simply Have No Clue Whatsoever.

    Very Nice Work Cadillac.

  7. GM has cut the mold on how to design a luxury car that projects well balanced luxury combined with an interior that exudes refined opulence.

    Nicely done GM!

  8. Like the front, the back doesn't do much for me. The interior looks like nice materials but way too busy.

  9. Guess Dav don't know wood. Let me spell this out for you. GM HAS NEVER DESIGNED OR IMPLEMENTED A NICE INTERIOR WOOD TRIM. No matter what they do, it looks fake and from K-mart's contact paper aisle. as for the DESIGN of this car, I already stated it looks fantastic in the 1st post Vince put up on this. Go take your geritol and relax dav.

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