2014 Cadillac CTS

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 Looking good in the flesh.
Still wish the rear lights had been more aggressive. Matching the front LEDs….

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  1. Honestly, the front looks like they jumped forward by two generations.. so I'm sure they toned down the rear to keep from scaring off the STS/DTS faithful. Overall it's a pretty strong effort and has quite a presence.. looks like a much more expensive car.

  2. The only thing I don't agree with here is that the model you have pictured is the V! It needs to me way more aggressive if it's going to compete with the M5 and E63, especially if it's using a twin-turbo V6.

  3. DIDN'T THINK THEY COULD IMPROVE ON THE STYLE OF THE CTS…BUT THEY DID! LOVE IT! Could the rear be better? In theory, yes (disregarding all the government regs that control such things); but is it "best in class"? YES, IT DEFINITELY IS!!! So I guess as long as your better than all the competition–you're good enough!

  4. The rear of the current CTS looks waaayyyy better than this, and would actually match the front of this new one quite well I think. This butt is more in line with the XTS (aka grandpa's car).

  5. The greenhouse reminds me of the current E-class. Even though many people dislinke the E-class I think that´s is a good thing, since it gives the CTS a certain segnificance (or: value).

    It seems to me that Cadillac finally has a range of cars which are more destinctive and look more modern than what Lexus, Acura or Hyundai have to offer.

  6. I like it a lot. Not sure about this wheel option. They don't look like the fill the wheel wells as good as some of the other options I've seen on this car. In the V and the RS and the M cars, you shouldn't be able to put your fist between the wheel and the arch, or the wheels are too small. I know I'm nitpicking, but this car is just so spectacular, that that's all I can find an issue with.

  7. The front styling is fine, but the rear lamps need to be narrower and stretch forward to the c-pillar like the current CTS coupe. The front and rear look they were each styled by different teams. GM is thinking the CTS is more "mainstream" now and the ATS will get the younger avant-guard crowd.

  8. I saw a driving footage and the sound of aggressivness produced by this car – wow, very Germanic. The styling is a mattter of taste – at least I do not like it – but they came up with a very aggressive package. I think this was intentional and so they were successful. Since they are trying to copy the Germans in many ways this thing may even sell in Germany and it may even make Americans wishing for high speed driving. By the way there recently were quiet some mass accidents because people were not able to bring their vehicle´s abilities in line with their driving skills. We really need more aggressive cars so drivers can shoot it out at every occasion. (Sarcastic) Congratulations to Cadillac for taking part in the hype.

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